Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dr.s Appointment

Well, I'm not sure what to say about it. I had hoped for more. Basically I learned nothing new. We have to wait for blood results that can take up to 2 weeks for. (Really??) Then they'll call and make another appointment. The doctor wants to rule out any other possibilities- which I am all for. I'm just frustrated. She didn't do some of the tests that would give some more specific answers. She specializes in PCOS and Metabolic Syndrome. I guess I have to trust her, but I just don't feel confident. She didn't address my headaches or even ask much about them. I brought them and the nosebleeds up several times. She didn't say anything- nothing reassuring or suggestive that something wasn't right. She wasn't even interested in the patterns. :( I thought for sure these things were important and indicative that things weren't right. She said I can go back on birth control now that the blood tests are done. I'm just surprised she wouldn't want to see my levels first and then prescribe something that made more sense. Why does hormonal birth control have to be such a crap shoot? If we are testing levels then why not make an informed decision? She was surprised at how much I knew about PCOS and future risk factors. I told her I was concerned about my bone density, diabetes and alzheimer's. She didn't seem to care about my concerns much. I guess I'm just really disappointed. She made it sound like it wasn't possible to lose a lot of weight. Just exercising and eating South Beach Style would be good at preventing more health issues. *sigh* How about reversing the damage and healing? I can't make big changes? :( I hate relying on other people. :( I was just one more patient on an extremely busy day for her. Depending on the blood work she said Metformin is the course of action. If that helps, great. At this point I'm pretty frustrated. Tomorrow I am going back to my hardcore effort. I am not settling. I'm just more angry and frustrated. I hope the results are back before I start the pill again. I'm hoping to get the right one, but I'm not doing these headaches anymore. I'm not dealing with this anymore. Its starting to seem that NO ONE can help me but me.


Liimu said...

HOW DID IT GO? What's up with the blank post??? We're dying to know what you found out!

Liimu said...


Do NOT give up. No matter what these doctors say, your thoughts ARE powerful. Make sure you don't give up and start letting negative thoughts dominate your consciousness. Pray, and stay positive. You can overcome this. I KNOW you can.

Lori said...

That's really disappointing....

Don't stop investigating this and seeing other doctors if this one doesn't help. You know yourself better than them and if you're not getting help, just keep looking. I have heard many stories of people who just keep looking for answers after being told that it's just life from other doctors.

Stay strong in your mission to fix yourself and have faith.

Hugs to you! :|

Health Girl said...

Thanks for the support Ladies. I am not giving up. No worries. I'm just frustrated. The Cleveland Clinic has a reputation of being the best of the best. I am fortunate enough to live 30 minutes away. I guess I was surprised that a doctor specializing in hormones (all types) was not really focused on that. I'm letting the bloodwork speak for itself when it comes in. For now, I'm done waiting. I was putting too much importance on this visit. I know better. I need to be as healthy as I can be without medication. I'm going back to eating clean and working out. I'm doing what I know I CAN do. There ARE other doctors out there. We'll see what happens after the blood tests come back. I'm done letting my body be in control. My mind is strong and I can and WILL overcome this. Yesterday was the disappointment and kick in the arse that I needed.

Thanks for the encouragement!