Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ah Ha!

I think I found the source of my nausea. Zinc always upsets my stomach. I just realized that my calcium supplement has 125% RDA and my daily vitamin has 100%. So I am getting whammied by zinc and my stomach doesn't like it. There have been a few days where I forgot to take my calcium and those days I don't feel nauseated. I'm a little irritated because I need extra calcium but I'll just have to buy a new supplement. This one was new and well... I guess it just isn't going to work out. :P

Today was great. I slept in after the Radiohead concert. :) It was nice. I got up, ate M1 and went back to bed. ha! I got up a few hours later and did my workout. Tony is tryin' to kill me. LOL I love chest workouts but my shoulders were still sore from yesterday. Push ups were not on my love list today. I still did them although not the best form. I also had those darn ab rolls with ball. Yeah- need a good laugh? I'll video that for ya! So those were the 2 killer things. The presses and flyes were rough partly because of the order (push ups early on). All in all things were good though. :)

I ate well. It was definitely hard, but I resisted the bread at Panera. Salad was great though. Tomorrow I get more oatmeal! Yay! :) AND I get blueberries. *sweet*

My abs are less poofy today. I think carbs really make a HUGE difference. So sad. lol I do love my carbs. I can't wait to see what Sunday's number is. I am hoping to get down to 180. Shortly after that number I should be able to get into lower sizes. :)

Workouts so far:

Sunday- 30 min EMC, 50 min LNC
Monday- 30 min EMC, shoulders/bi wo
Tuesday- Chest/tri wo
Wednesday- not sure and 45 min extra cardio :)

My goal is to get in 3 meals before work. Things usually go to crap once I get there. *sigh*

Still thinking about competition stuff.... a lot...



Melissa H said...

WAY TO GO on resisting Panera!!! That is HUGE!!! Go reward yourself with a pedicure or something! One step closer to being a new YOU! :-)

I always look ridiculous when I have to do push ups while balancing on the ball. That's my blackmail moment. :-)

Angela said...

aaah...the competition got me too!!!! very scary and very exciting isnt it???

Go for it!!!!

Evelyne said...

I'm glad you were able to figure out what was making you nauseous. Let us know how that works out. Great job resisting the Panera too!

Good luck with the comp deciding. It is something I want to do in the future too. But there are things that need taking care of first.

Health Girl said...

Hi Friends! I swear something is going on with my computer or blogger or something! I responded to a few posts and added friends to my list and well... nothing is there now! :(

mh- thanks! :) heh *The evil ball* I am quite sure I don't look like the little videos. lol Blackmail... yeah that would do it. :)

a- it is scary.... but I can't help it. lol I wish I knew someone around here that I could go watch at a comp. Then I'd feel a little less apprehensive.

e- So far so good on the nausea. My one-a-day is still getting me so I am getting a new multi and a new calcium. I didn't have that problem with my old vitamins and calcium so I'm going to switch back. I don't like missing those but for the sake of everything else, a few days without shouldn't hurt.
There is so much to consider with a comp. I want to go back to school and my work schedule is just stupid. So... I need to figure out where the well of unlimited energy is and drink up. lol
We'll see. Thanks! :)