Friday, August 22, 2008


So my stepper-thing broke today while I was doing a level 10 interval. My feet slammed really hard on the floor when it happened. My back is aching pretty badly right now. :( I got pretty jarred- it took my breath away!
So I am stuck with my bike or actually stair running or something else. Kinda bummed about it but I probably need a change anyway.

Ate clean and actually got my lunch in!! I got all my meals in for once. :D I am hopeful, but not expecting the scale to move. It hasn't moved all week. :/ I need to work on more veggies in my diet. Kinda skimped this week.

Exhausted now so I am off to bed.


Tina said...

One day at a time, persistance not'll get there!! That sucks about your stepper...glad you are okay!!

Health Girl said...

:) Thanks! I needed the reminder. Ahhhh, sweet perfection- it eludes me!

I battled much of today with "bad" food thoughts. Pizza just wouldn't get off my mind. I have not given in, but I was feeling sorry for myself for a little bit. I just wanted to be "normal" and eat crap food without gaining weight. I feel better not eating junk anyway. Its funny how emotions and food triggers can still creep up.

My back is still pretty sore. :( Luckily my workout today was bi's & tri's. :)

Thanks for the encouragement! I sure appreciate it!