Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Awww, You Poor Thing..."

"Awww, you poor thing..." say my coworkers as I eat my chicken breast and broccoli. "Look how dedicated you are. All you get to eat is that? Awww."
Really? You pity me? You pity ME, while you all eat Arby's and Wendy's and Burger King? Ha! I pity YOU for putting that toxic shit into your bodies.

I was completely amazed. I get compliments from my coworkers multiple times a week. (I don't mind, but its weird knowing everyone is paying *THAT* much attention). They see me eat my "health nut" food and see my changes and yet feel pity that I can't eat all the crap they do? Funny stuff.

AND THEN IT HITS ME!! DUH! That's how I feel sometimes when I'm in a funk. I feel all whiny and pitiful- why can't I eat what everyone else does? (really I just want pizza- never have liked the fast food crap, lol) I can't eat what everyone else does because my goal isn't to be an unhealthy, overweight slug! :D Another mini-moment brought to you by me. :D

The next time anyone feels in a funk and wants junk food, just remember this little story. :)

In a completely unrelated note: T is AWESOME! He made my day today. :)


Britishlady said...

Your story made me smile :)way to kick some a$$ girl. Yeah..they won't be saying poor thing when they have diabetes/heart disease and you're healthy on the inside as well as smokin hot on the outside.
I think you need to also realize that you can have those things sometimes. This is why I've been so disciplined with the program. I know that if I'm having a craving I can just call T and tell him I want a cheat meal...I've been doing well that I know he'll probably always say yes (unless it's like 5 days a week or something). This is a lifestyle..this is how we eat now, and that mentality is what determines success or failure longterm.
Keep it're awesome!!!!!!!!

April said...

My co-workers and husband always say how good my meals look:) I'm thinking then why don't you eat like this? Oh well, we're the ones with the HOT BODS!!

Health Girl said...

Porsha- heh, I'm too afraid to ask for a cheat meal. LOL I just keep waiting, and hoping and thinking forget it! I don't want it to ruin my progress. I also don't want to give in to my cravings. Giving in is what got me to where I am to begin with. Of course I realize that I can't eat like this forever- I need some variety and perhaps some sauces or cheese... lol I feel better eating clean. I feel more energetic, not so bogged down. So anyway... you are right its a lifestyle. ;)

April- isn't it funny? If the healthy stuff looks good, why not eat it? :D
HOT BOD here I come!

healthy ashley said...

Hi! I just found your blog and was looking around. I love this post. Thanks for reminding me that eating healthy isn't about deprivation- it's about my goals!!