Thursday, August 14, 2008


So I have been of the cranky, tired, negative and whiney sorts as of late. I don't like being that way at all. I am usually happy and upbeat and positive. What I put my mind to, I achieve. I have a decent paying job that allows me some simple luxuries like pedicures and more important "luxuries" like personal training with Tony. I feel like my PT program with Tony is a necessity, but others may view it as a luxury. lol
I have a body that is capable of many things. I can still see, hear, taste, touch, use all my limbs, move about without limitations, etc. I am grateful for all these things. Its easy to lose sight of the little things that make life what it is.
I am still pretty tired from the last few days so I am being nice to my body. I am fighting off some sinus issue so I am resting. I am still hitting my workout full force today, but its just delayed a bit.
I talk to Tony on Friday. :D We're going to go over my goals more in-depth. I am excited. I am grateful that I am his client. All my hard work during BFL didn't yield me the results that Tony's program has. I have lost 3x the amount in 3 weeks than what I did with 10 weeks on BFL. That's not to say that BFL wasn't helpful or good. I just think my body has gone through so many damaging things that it needed something more. My body is recovering to better health. Once it gets back to good, game on! Hot Momma in the works! :)

Apple Cider Vinegar is my friend. Its helping with the sinus thing I am fighting. Off to drink up....

Today I am grateful for ACV, TONY!, BFL Tracker friends, Tony Diva Friends!, my hubby, my job, my need to purchase smaller clothes, oatmeal- I love you carbs!, poultry for being sacrificed for my daily intake, my fuzzybutt- bad-azz cats, soft (and loose) sweatpants, pedicures, and smiles...


Angela said...

Hey Girl! Glad you are doing good and staying strong :) There are so many things to be thankful for that are so simple and you forget them! Thanks for reminding me ;)

Good luck with your call with T tomorrow :) He is the best :)

Tina said...

I feel the same way about Tony, he's like paying the utility bill for me, has to be done, have to have him, and I'm not ever giving him up! I only wish other people felt this way about there bodies and their health! But they don't get it cause they've never tried it :) You are in the groove!!