Monday, August 11, 2008

Week Four Begins!

Week 1

End of Week 3

I am looking forward to this week. I have an opportunity to really push out some awesome progress. I shed 3.8lbs this last week. I'd love to drop another 5-6 lbs if possible. I'll take any loss though. My midsection has really gotten better. I am SOOO happy! I took pictures today and I was shocked. I knew I lost weight and toned up but I wasn't aware of how things shifted. I'm a very happy camper. :)

Talked with the store manager today about the assistant manager. Things seem to be okay for now. I got a lunch. :) She also ignored me ALL day. It was great!

I am pretty sleepy. Sleep plays a huge role in my progress so I will take heed and get my booty in bed soon.


April said...

Keep it up! I can see the changes!

To answer your hips are the last to go :( You're like me too, tiny waist makes the hips appear larger and it's harder to buy pants to fit the hips and waist HA!

Britishlady said...

Wow girlie! You look've made a lot of progress. I can really see it in your waist. You should so a side-by-side. If you're not sure how to do it I can do it for you. Did you take back and side pics?

Health Girl said...

April- thanks! :)
And thanks a lot... lol oh well, as long as the hip fat does go, right? :) AND it IS hard to find pants that fit right. Its even worse when you are heavier. Suddenly bigger sizes mean even bigger waists. But I'm movin' out of those. ;)

BL- :) Thanks. :) I took front and back pics. I was really planning to do side by sides at 4 week intervals. I just couldn't help but take a picture this week. I knew things were going on and clothes were looser,etc. I just wanted to SEE the full picture difference. So sweet for you to offer to do that! ((hugs)) How are things going for you?