Sunday, August 17, 2008

Week 5 Begins Tomorrow

I can't believe its been a month already! Woo!
I have lost about 12lbs. I'm pleased. How could I not be?? I still would have liked to have been down a little more. According to the goal, I have to lose close to 17lbs a month! Is that even possible? Oy! I'll never see fruit again! LOL
I had a tough week last week and managed to stay even. I'll take that over a gain. I emailed Tony after our talk with some pictures and my feedback of this last week. Guess what? I get MORE ACV. LOL Yay. I am also committed to more cardio and more intense intervals. He wants me to lose 2 lbs by Monday. My goal is 4. I need to make up some lost ground. I am cooking up a few days worth of food now. I will be prepared. I can't get any closer to MY goals if I am constantly doing things for everyone else. I want to support my teammates/coworkers, but I can't sacrifice all the time. Its going to be a little rough re-establishing some boundaries, but I've been through some serious crap in my life so I should be able to handle this, right?

This weeks agenda:

* Complete every workout with 110% intensity!
* Add 5 days of additional cardio intervals
* Eat 100% clean- at the correct intervals
(I am setting an alarm on my blackberry to go off every time I need to eat.
* Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night (I'm working towards 8)
* Drink 1 gallon+ of "Lemonade" mix each day ("Lemonade" = 6TBSP lemon juice; 10 TBSP ACV and water!) Pucker Up Baby!!

I can do this.

Inspiration : ( I have pics all over the house now... LOL)


April said...

You'll see fruit again :) I miss mine but I know one day it'll be back...then taken away...then back LOL! Stupid body!

Evelyne said...

Congrats on the 12 lbs!! That's terrific! LOVE your goals for the week. Let us know how it's all working out for you. And you are SO right about needing to take care of YOU for a change. We ALL need to do that!

Tina said...

You can try and add some stevia liquid to that water mixture...that's what I do and it makes it taste sweet...I love it!! Congrats on your loss...that's fabulous!! I'm so proud of you, you are going to go far...and all you!! And that goes for you too Evelyne...And you too April!!

Health Girl said...

Thanks ladies! Your really made my morning! I was feeling kinda cranky after I got on the scale this morning and seeing your comments made me smile. Thanks!

April- I get blueberries on Wednesdays and cantaloupe on Thursdays. And oh yes I know the days by heart! ;) I'm afraid they will be taken away though! :(

Evelyne- thanks! I have to keep reminding myself over and over to put myself as a priority. Struggling this week but determined.

Tina- I may be crazy, but the taste doesn't bother me that much. lol I haven't tried Stevia yet. Its on my list though. ;) Thanks for the support! I sure need it!