Monday, August 25, 2008

Week SIX Begins!

I am determined to make this the most awesome week. I am determined to follow my plan to the "T". heh- ya like that pun? :D I have CRIT workouts again. I can't believe I am saying this, but I am happy about that! My first week was CRITS and I lost 6.4 lbs! I reflected on last week and I am coming into this week with a different attitude. I am considering adding Tuna into my meal plan. Its quick protein that doesn't require cooking. I'm just going to need to figure out how to get over my gag reflex. Can T hypnotize me to like Tuna?? LOL

Week 6 Goals

* Drink 1+ gallon of "Lemonade"--(I love calling this concoction lemonade- just sounds less gross).

* Get 4 extra cardio sessions in. Monday-Thursday are my best options.

* Workout with 110% effort!

* Take 15 minutes each day to just BREATHE. Mini-meditation sessions will do me wonders.

* Go to colon hydrotherapy session. (stuff is not quite right because of the high protein and lack of veggies the last 2 weeks- yucko)

* Eat MORE veggies!! Get my greens in! (that comes with following my food plan 100%!)

* Use my Breathe-right strips at night! (I keep forgetting to use them and I wake up feeling like crap)
I have my workout done and protein shake in. Shower, oatmeal and eggwhites coming up next. I am pampering myself and cleaning like a mad-woman today.


Britishlady said...

Thank you sooo much for your comment you're so sweet. You know what's cool...your a week ahead of me, so it's really wonderful to watch your progress since we're basically at the same place.
Isn't it amazing how much of a lifestyle this is? I mean every program I tried in the past I was waiting..anticipating the moment I was off the diet so I could eat "normally" again. Now this is my normal!

Tony DiCostanzo is the most wonderful man alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has transformed my life

Melissa H said...

Try adding garlic powder and dill to your tuna with a teeny bit of ff mayo (and I mean TEENY) and celery. It will taste more like chicken salad.

You're doing great!

April said...

Salsa is YUMMY in tuna! Sometimes I throw curry powder in too just for something different ;)

Health Girl said...


Thanks for the tuna help. Getting some tomorrow. You'd think this is a major event or something. lol I just really need to get over it, ya know? lol

Porsha- I am with you! This is normal eating now! lol