Saturday, August 2, 2008

What a difference

What a difference sleep can make. I slept an extra 3 hours! I went back to bed after I posted. I got my workout in and I feel SOOO much better. I reflected on the week and I really didn't do THAT bad. I ate 85% on target. I had a slice of pizza and panera bread during the week. The biggest thing is that I didn't eat often enough. The lack of sleep and stress plus hormones really just kicked my butt. I didn't get enough veggies in this week, but I've done well today.

I like oatmeal. A lot. I wish I could eat it more. Some days after work I don't feel like chicken or turkey. I just want a nice bowl of oatmeal. I don't eat it though because its only for breakfast. I love the days I get more oatmeal in the morning. :)
I wish I could lose all this weight by eating more oatmeal. lol

I feel so much better. Ahhhh. I am feeling more alive again.

Off to the store soon. Need more lemon juice and oatmeal.


Melissa H said...

Just found you through your comment on Porsha's blog. Keep up the good work. If you get the carb-y stuff out of your system (no pizza or Panera.. sigh), you won't crave it as much. That was a hard lesson for me to learn but was so worth it! You can do it!

Health Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement! I always want carbs in the worst way during PMS. I am feeling better now. Aunt Flo week is actually better than the week before...
I'm hitting this week hard and expecting results. No unauthorized carbs for me. ;)
Thanks again! I really appreciate it! :D