Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So far

So far this week has kinda been a pain in the butt! lol I'm trying hard not to be frustrated or stressed out. I need to really bust out some serious sales at work and its just not happening for me. Part of it is my attitude. I just don't care on so many levels. I am burnt out. The management leaves on time, gets their lunch breaks and 15 smoke breaks. They expect the staff to work like dogs to the death. Afterall- we have personal numbers to meet, so why wouldn't we stay 3 hours over???- Everyday... Its thrown my cardio goals off. Shooting for the rest of the week. What is more important-- getting much needed sleep or doing cardio intervals after an exhausting day and less than optimal nutrition? I am going to talk to my manager one more time. If he doesn't make sure that the game is played fair in regards to lunches and breaks, then I'm just going to go to HR. I *hate* going this route. I don't want to and have been avoiding it at all costs. I'm tired of being nice and being taken advantage of. I am a very loyal and dedicated employee. I care about my coworkers. Its not being reciprocated and I am done. I know my one coworker appreciates it and stays late, too, but everyone else.... they are burnt out too. On a positive note- i think?? Uh, my gay assistant manager said he wants me to be his baby's momma! ROFLMAO!! Greeeeeaaaaattttt.... I don't even know what that means. I think it was a compliment. Oy. I gotta get my body in shape so I can sell it for money. lol Its got to be better than my current job. lol

So anyway... Checking in on this week's agenda:

* Complete every workout with 110% intensity!- so far so good! :)
* Add 5 days of additional cardio intervals- looks like we're shooting for 4
* Eat 100% clean- at the correct intervals- mmm, yeah... clean, but timing sucks
* Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night (I'm working towards 8)-- pretty close
* Drink 1 gallon+ of "Lemonade" mix each day-- Getting close to a gallon, but I backed the ACV off a little. I almost killed my kidneys! Monday night my back hurt SOOO bad. It came out of nowhere and I was so nauseated and my stomach hurt. DH made me drink tons of plain water and the pain lessened and finally went away. Of course I peed an extra gallon too. lol So, yeah... careful on increasing the ACV. I got over zealous and doubled it. Bad idea!

Did my abs and cardio this morning. Did extra cardio now and hope to do more tonight.
Protein shake w/ eggwhites in. Oatmeal AND BLUEBERRIES coming up after my shower!! :D

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.....


Evelyne said...

Yes you can, yes you can, yes you can..........

I'm so sorry that you have such a crappy job that doesn't allow you to get your meals in. We spend so much time at our jobs and then to be miserable at it is horrible. I'm gonna be praying and hoping that an opportunity comes for you where you can leave it and be happy with a company that appreciates you.

But even through all of that you are still kickin' butt! BE PROUD! You WILL reach your goals! Never give up!