Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gym Woes

So I went to check out a new gym last night. I asked for a free trial and I got a two-week free pass along with a ton of discounts if I join. I went at 7:15 after I got off of work and there were 3 people working out. I asked what times were busy and they guy who was showing me around kinda got defensive until he realized I was interested in working out when I didn't have to fight meatheads for weights. He used the word meathead! LOL I felt... turned off by the whole experience. This gym is close and well... convenient. Its small, low traffic but its missing some things. One machine I *really* want is the assisted pull up machine. I looked around and didn't see one so I asked. The guy tells me they don't have one but not many girls can do pullups anyway. Uhhhh Hello? I'm a girl and I'd like to do pull ups but I need some darn help to get there! Okay so not the biggest deal, but it could be a deal breaker. So we continue talking and going over stuff. He's trying to sell me on what discounts he can offer, blah, blah, blah. The cardio area was tiny! If it was busy I could see being irritated about cardio equipment. The final thing that just irked me was the personal training conversation. I told him I already had a trainer (who wouldn't be in the area to create conflict with his staff trainers) and I wasn't interested in hiring anyone there. I just wanted to know if they did body fat measurements. I was told that they have a bio-impedance machine and that was perfectly accurate and no one did skin-fold. Ummmm- I may be fat, but I'm not stupid! I know those things aren't "perfectly accurate". And when I saw the 2 personal trainers I questioned if they took their own advice or were just not really qualified- they were not in shape at all! After I mentioned the body fat thing he would not stop offering me personal training services. *sigh* Didn't you hear me?? I told you I had a trainer already I just need help with skin fold measurements. I have my own darn calipers. Its just hard or impossible in some cases to get measurements in all places. Teaching the hubby is going to be fun. *ugh* LOL Someone told me of a new gym that I was unaware of. Guess I am off to check that one out too.

Side note- I have to go to the doctors I think for this darn head/chest cold that has kicked me down. While I am there I think I am going to ask for a referral for a DEXA scan. They offer body comp scans now and well.... I know that will be accurate for sure. Better than teaching the hubby how to use calipers! LOL

I wish I could just have my own gym. I loved when I worked at the YMCA. Ours was kick ass! We had an awesome cardio section and a great free weight room- not in a basement like most Y's. I worked as a personal trainer and loved it. I look back and realize I was barely qualified- just by YMCA standards, but it was still great. I was trained with just enough to get by. Most people weren't looking for hard core anything. They just wanted to learn how to use equipment and do basic exercises. I really enjoyed it. I loved my old guys that came in for cardiac rehab. :D Ahhhh- the good ol' days. lol I realize now there is SOOO much more to fitness and the human body. Wow.


Tracy said...

I tagged you! See my blog for details!

Anonymous said...

I really hope you find a gym that you are satisfied with. There's nothing worse than paying a gym membership and not wanting to go there.