Monday, April 27, 2009

24 weeks?

So I got up at 5:20 this morning to get my workout in, eat, and get ready for work. Ooops. I don't open today, I close! I planned to do my walk this evening, but this works out great. Its supposed to be near 90* today and I'm sure that 7pm won't bring much heat relief. I got a nice little sunburn yesterday so the cool breeze and early morning sun is much better. I am finishing my PWS and heading out to the park for a morning walk instead. :)

I am disappointed that I let myself slip back to this point. One year of hard work and restrictions, blown out of the water in 3 months time. I'm frustrated because I essentially threw out a ton of money. Money on supplements and trainers. I threw out time. Time I could have spent doing a million other things. My body was going to gain some back no matter what I did with the hormone fiasco, but I didn't have the fight and drive anymore and I eventually caved. Many lessons learned. It wasn't all a waste. I met some fantastic people in person and on line. I am taking last year for what it was. This year I am planning to hold onto my progress. I have 27 weeks until my anniversary. 24 weeks until the NPC NATURAL NORTHERN USA. I'm going to shoot for bikini right now. I really can do whatever I set my mind to do. The trick is staying focused and committed for the entire duration. Can I do this? Can I stay focused and committed for 24 weeks?

Okay, gotta run. Time to get my cardio in. ;)


Marissa said...

YES YOU CAN! There is NOO reason you can't! And if you go with John you will be in EXCELLENT hands!

Health Girl said...