Sunday, December 21, 2008


So its time to think about 2009. I have a ton of things I want to accomplish and sadly some of these items have been on my list in years past. Some things are more like rituals (like our classic movie date night). Others are the forever goals of losing weight and learning to dance. This is the last time these will appear on my goal list. If I don't make it happen this year, then tough luck. I will certainly add a little more before the year is up, but here is my list for now.

2009 Goals

1. Get into the best health of my life- reduce BF, increase bone density, etc
2. Drop 50lbs – reduce body fat into teens.
3. Compete in a figure/bikini competition (and win)
4. Learn to dance- ballroom and latin
5. Go Ice Skating in Central Park
6. Pose and create Pin-Up calendar for hubby ( really important to me)
7. Watch one classic film a month (date night)
8. Take pictures and put together 2010 calendar
9. Enter 1 photo in the Medina County Fair
10. Put scrapbook together for grandma
11. Do Scorpion pose (yoga)
12. Develop business idea (be my own boss!)
13. Re-landscape yard
14. Go camping and hiking 3x this year
15. Go on Vacation – somewhere warm and awesome! (Aruba?)

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mikeyrosie000 said...

Hilary. I love your list, funny thing is I want to do the same thing with the whole
I will do it right after my comp in April..Our hubbies will be super impressed :)

Have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!