Saturday, December 20, 2008

Losing sight

I think I figured out what happened this week. I lost sight of my goals. As it became clear that I wouldn't make it to the Team meeting this weekend, my determination faded. I was definitely exhausted, but it was so much harder to resist the breadsticks and yummy treats everyone had and to push HARD in my workouts.
I took my eye off my other goals. It was a mini goal of mine to lose some weight before our meeting. When that goal became null, I fell apart. I forgot about my Christmas Goal, My New Year's goal, the following meeting and my birthday...April is so far away and now it seems impossible. :( I am not going to let that get stuck in my head, but I am trying to stay realistic.

I am heading to the Rec Center later and doing my first workout of my new plan from Julie. I know I will feel more accomplished.

I have got to stay focused!

I want one of these:

She looks fab!


Kelly Olexa said...

I totally agree. When we lose sight of our target, it's sooo easy to get off track, even without meaning to.
You're fine, you're back and you will be successful. You will.

April said...

Hillary never lose sight of your goals! NEVER! I'm am the queen at making goals and not hitting them in time. Ever worked your butt off and then get told you are too fat to compete? Yeah, I could have called it quit but I didn't and i'm SO glad I kept going!

If you've read my blog you'd think I would look like Julie with my diet being clean and all the working's not that easy i've found. It takes time. Lots of time for some who have never really been "athletic". You are doing great and have made tremendous improvements. You have to do this for you and no one else.

With that being said i've eaten too much fudge and Christmas is 3 days away HA!

mikeyrosie000 said...


You can do this, everyone loses sight of there goals at some point...just pick yourself up and start again...You can do this girl!!