Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I think I can, I think I can - choo choo!

Yesterday I had the non-stop energy of Super Woman. I got so much accomplished. This morning I woke up feeling like I had a hangover. *ugh*

No worries. I stalled a little, but I got my booty on the bike and pedaled away. Good thing I had my tunes. :)

I was feeling a bit down after I freaked out this weekend. I was so overwhelmed and angry. I got the fight back in me and I am doing well so far. Workouts are in and meals thus far are 100%. Can't complain there. :) The tough part is what happens the rest of the week. I seem to lose some steam or get sideswiped somehow. I'm NOT letting that happen this week. I want a 100% week. No half-arsed workouts, no cheats (even though I am allowed 1 meal). I need to make it 100% clean. I can't let myself slide. I've taken enough cheats to make up for this week and then some! So this is my 100% week. And there will be many more to follow. I've already told my managers that my goals are non-negotiable. I am trying to make it clear how important this is. One is on board. The other is in his own world as usual. Oh well. I am standing my ground. I think the key is to make sure I workout in the morning, then there are no excuses for missing workouts. The next biggest hurdle is getting my meals in! Its soo challenging. Having prepared meals makes it better, but dodging the boss's micro-managing eye is tough.

On a very positive note- my workout pants from early this year are falling off!! :D I hope I have some gift cards coming my way this year. LOL I need some new work clothes. I can manage with some baggy workout clothes but I am starting to look dumb at work. I'll take it though! I keep telling my body to BURN BABY BURN! :P

Okay, gotta go eat M1!


mikeyrosie000 said...

Keep pushing hard girl!

erin21 said...

sounds like you're back on track. keep up that awesome attitude.

Liimu said...

Way to go...keep it up!

Tearose said...

Amazing what happens when you get good and mad! Have a great week!

Kelly Olexa said...

You rock. Keep going girl!! you are on a roll now!!