Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I am SO tired today. Its worse than yesterday. I worked extra long and now I am beat. I did cardio this morning- it was an off day for weights. I need to my big set tomorrow and I don't think I can hack the morning. I feel run down. Work is getting to me. I can't deny it. I have stayed clean though. I can't wait until my crazy mean boss leaves. She is gone for January- yay! She really is so mean and selfish. It feels like middle school with her around. My coworkers say she is jealous of me and it has gotten worse since I lost weight. She is tiny so I don't get what she is jealous about... whatever. When she is mean to me, it makes me want to push the iron harder and run faster. Why not give her something to REALLY be jealous of?? I'm a whole lot nicer and caring. Its time to complete the package with a HOT body. :P

I made another calendar this year with my photos. It turned out really well and I am excited to give them out as gifts. :) I wish I could sell my calendars and make some extra money. I just don't have the money to print a ton up front and take a risk of people not buying them. Right now I'd have to charge like $24 a calendar to cover printing and shipping. :( If I printed a lot the price would go down to $18-ish. I don't know. It would be great if I could make money with my photography, but I don't do people. lol I just follow bugs around and take pics of flowers. :)

I am still up in the air on Saturday. I want to go so badly, but numbers are so rough right now. People just aren't buying so much right now. I don't know what to do. My mean boss is saying to take the day off, but she wants me to get written up, so she is no help. I tried to figure out if I left right away from the meeting and went directly to work how much selling time I would have. I'll be SO tired. I have to leave my house no later than 4am and then drive back and then work for 4 hours if I do that. I don't think that makes sense. 8+ hours of driving, a kick-azz workout and then actually work too? Sounds like trouble honestly. I won't have another day off until Christmas. Ugh.

I made some AWESOME Chicken Tortilla Soup. I revamped a vegetarian version I came up with a few years ago. Its loaded with protein and fiber. Yummmmmm. I'll have to post the recipe. I have been eating it for a few days. Tonight I made Turkey Chili. I had to back off chicken and broccoli. It was starting to make me gag. I think by Sunday I will be back to C&B lol.

Okay, I am feeling loopy. Off to bed soon


Every Gym's Nightmare said...

i LOVE tortilla soup!

That's weird your boss is like that- sounds pretty unprofessional to me- but lord knows, most bosses are.

Kelly Turner

April said...

This goes to show skinny doesn't equal happy :)

Do you like salsa? I put different kinds on my chicken and broccoli and it makes it YUMMY! OR...try putting mustard and splenda on it :) That's what Tina does. She puts splenda on joke.

Little things like this makes eating better.