Saturday, December 20, 2008

I got my new workouts. Whoa! Sweet Jumping Cheese! I am going to be a Plyo Queen. :P I am nervous about it. I have to be careful with my joints. I mean I am envisioning my elephant self trying to do some of these exercises... so not pretty. Grace has never been a strong suit for me. I am excited though. The new plan is pretty hardcore. I am just going to have to get my butt to the Rec Center I think. I wish I had more equipment at home. I just like being in my own little world when I workout. Oh well. That is obviously going to have to change. I made more progress on days I went to the gym. Back to the gym it is then.

No more authorized (or unauthorized!!) cheats. :( boo. I need some eggnog! I always have a glass (or 3) on Christmas. I just need to change my attitude. Back to work with me. Clean eats and hard workouts. I don't think I got enough food in this week. And some of the food wasn't good for me. I was exhausted all week and my workouts suffered. I just didn't have the ooomph.

I'm totally bummed about not being at the first team meeting. It gives me more incentive to kick it at work and in my workouts so when I do get to meet my teammies.... :)

I need to get my sleep schedule re-regulated. I keep waking up at 3am and again at 6. I am always so tired during the day. I don't know what happened. Monday I was super woman and since then I am drained.

Back for a nap and then I head off to the slave drivers. I'd rather being getting my booty kicked by Julie.... lol