Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My biggest challenge...

First I want to say I killed my leg workout! I have a feeling tomorrow my legs will be killing me! lol I have full on Gumby-legs. lol

My biggest challenge- is my job. Everything about it. I have lost any like for it that I may have had. It pays my bills and offers great insurance coverage. My bosses are really idiots. They are self-center, control freaks. The one is just downright mean. She loves to tell me how fat I am. "Don't take this wrong, but you'd make a great Plus Size Model." Ummm how did you expect me to take that? Is that really supposed to be a compliment? Based on all the other hurtful things she has said- no way. That was a hit. She has told me to just stay fat and at another time I don't need to eat because I'm on a diet. *sigh* She is starting more crap today already. She hasn't said anything outright yet, but I can feel the storm brewing.

Aside from her the other boss is a neurotic micro-manager. I can mostly ignore him, but it is still stressful. Today I found out my quota for this month. I SWEAR this company is trying to fire people. They have made our quote unattainable. Its completely unrealistic given the economy we are in. They also don't have to pay us as much if we don't make our goals. Happy Holidays, good luck reaching your goals...
*sigh* I am trying to not stress out. I can control my eating and my workouts. I can only do my best. I may just end up stepping down. The stress isn't worth it. I want to go back to school for radiology anyway. Now I just need to figure out how to make everything happen.

Stress=staying fat.... no stress, no stress....


Kelly Olexa said...

I cannot BELIEVE your boss said that to you!! that is totally unreasonable....I'm so sorry!! You just listen to me! you are awesome and you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to!!

Health Girl said...

Aww You are so sweet. Thank you.
Thankfully, that boss is leaving at the end of the month. Its just frustrating. She says these things with a smile on her face. She is so sneaky with the comments, too. It always catches me off guard and she is gone before I can even respond.
Oh well. She doesn't determine my worth, I do!

Visionquester said...


Sounds like someone wants to keep you down girl... based on her own insecurities.

Yeah... life is too short to work for a bitch. It's sooo not worth it.