Thursday, December 11, 2008

This is just getting tiresome

I'm doing my best to eat clean and stay focused, but this stomach pain and headache that randomly appears and disappears is getting old. I've tried to consider what the cause is. I am seriously drinking my gallon of water a day and I love it. My coworkers think I am crazy but I am done with what they think of me. Could it be my protein powder- maybe the Splenda in it? That would make me SO sad. Could it be my supplements? I didn't think so. This is reminiscent of my ulcer pain from September. VERY familiar. The only common things are stress and my protein powders. The pain started back up after I had a nasty stomach flu.... is it possible that it started a new ulcer?? I am frustrated. I am taking Prilosec today to see if my stomach calms down any. No supplements for me today. If this works, then I'm going with the stomach flu virus theory and I'll go from there. If after a round of meds this clears up and comes back again, then I might be forced to try some other protein powders. *ick* I only use it once to twice a day. I try to go for whole foods more often.

Yesterday, my food was making me nauseated. I managed protein pancakes 2x without too much pain, but I ended up not eating much the whole day. I tried to get my food in, but it was a lost cause. :( My belly looks all bloated and it hurts. :( Its just like the ulcer episode. Grrrrr.

I have the plan of action for now... I'll just have to deal with it.


mikeyrosie000 said...

Hey there Hillary, What type of protein powder are you using? You may just need to switch that up...and I know in my case splenda and such gives me a headache every once in awhile...maybe moderate it a bit and it may help.

Kelly Olexa said...

Stress can totally make you sick, believe me I know...I hope you figure out and get better sweets.

Tearose said...

I really think it can be the stress, I have had all kinds of weird ailments lately because of the stress. Can you find another job? I know its scary to change, I was so worried about leaving my old job, but looking back, man I don't know how I stayed. I hope things work out and you figure out what to do :)