Monday, December 29, 2008

Scale, I hate thee... Sleep, I miss thee

I have heard and read so many good things about low carb/ carb cycling / Anabolic diet, etc. My trainer has me on some variation of these, though I won't get into specifics on it. I am just a gumpy bear. :( I know lower carb is better for me as a general rule. Too many carbs and I feel like a slug. Even just a correct portion size of complex carbs can do it to me. Anyway.... so I am following my diet without any cheats or variations. I am also following my workout schedule exactly. The only thing that is off is my sleep schedule. The DH has been sleeping in the bed instead of staying up all night working and chatting. That is messing me up. While I love him, I can't sleep with him hanging on me. Then he wakes me up at some stupid hour because he's feeling in the mood. Seriously. A man is gonna get hurt.

I felt great the first couple of days - but I was getting sleep. The last few have sucked! I am just irritated. I see the scale is up from a few days ago and I just want to chuck it across the room. I'm not working this hard for nothing, dangit! Scale, work with me here! Body, you can cooperate too. The mind is getting irritable. Someone could get hurt. :P

I'm just feeling all pissy-like this morning. Hubby woke me up way before my alarm and I don't think I can get back to sleep. I have too much to do today. Thanks a lot for keeping me awake the last few nights and then waking me up way too early on my day off. Thanks. And thanks scale for being a jerk, too. The scale has to be a male!

I hope to be back with a better attitude later.