Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gray Day

Today was a rough day for me. I just felt sad all day for no apparent reason. I am TOTALLY stressed about my job. The bigwigs are at it again. I am all for challenges, but when you start making the hurdles bigger and bigger and then throw a skyscraper on the track and say "hurdle this", its doesn't work. I feel like we are all just standing at the base of the tower, looking up, scratching our heads and asking how we are gonna manage that? *sigh* Dark, gloomy skies aren't the best for me either. Stress, gray skies, and being tired. I ate clean!! I didn't fail at eating and that makes me happy. I wanted to accomplish more around the house today. Its a disaster. I slept a lot again. I think I just need it. I suppose the sudden reduction in carbs probably has an effect as well. I actually like it better this way, but its an adjustment. I think I need to either go tanning or get one of those SAD lights. Low carbs, work stress and gray skies = trouble. I need to get ahead of the game now.

I have been looking at shoes all day. I can't decide what size heel. 4" sounds a little more doable. I was thinking for my first show, maybe start with that. 5" heels would make me 6'! Whoa! :) Strap or no strap? Little platform or none at all? I am nervous about this because my dang feet hurt in flat shoes as it is. I will eventually have to give in and have surgery on my feet. I was supposed to do it this January, but I would rather get into awesome shape first and compete.

Here are my shoe choices so far...

I'm leaning no strap, but I'm afraid I might need it! lol


Evelyne said...

I'm SO sorry that things at work suck so bad right now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that 2009 will be YOUR year and some really great changes are coming your way! Great job on keeping it clean!!!! You should be SO freakin' proud of that. That is SOOOO hard to do when you're not feeling good.

LOVE the shoes! I think I've heard that the judges like the strapless better. Gives your legs a seamless look or something. Personally, I cannot walk in strapless shoes gracefully, so I'll be leaning towards the strap. I also think they don't like the platform ones. Ask Tony, I'm sure he knows too!

Merry Christmas girl! Hang in there. Things will start looking up soon. Enjoy this Holiday Season. The best is yet to come....

April said...

I think the no straps look a lot better. With your height you can get away with 4". Your legs are already long!

Keep up the good food choices and you'll make more changes!

mikeyrosie000 said...

Best thing to do is check out the rules of the show..some will not allow platforms and I know in Canada anyways they cant have over 4" heels.

I say strap or no strap..which ever one you feel will be easier to walk in since you will feel weak the day of the show.