Friday, September 26, 2008

Baby Steps?

Really. Stomach.... PLEASE get better NOW!
I managed more solid types of food so far today. I also got some vitamins in me without any episodes so far. There's no way I would have attempted them earlier this week. So progress is being made. I chomping at the bit here. I *WANT* to kick into high gear. I know doing that today will only make me feel tired and worn out for tomorrow. I *HAVE* to go into work all weekend. Its going to take a miracle, but I need to meet my quota. SO.... I am going to clean my house up and go for a walk later. I am kinda craving proteins, but I won't lie- I'm scared. I can't handle another bout of food poisoning. I seriously thought I was dying. I was so scared. I won't ever repeat this phrase I'm sure, but.... I am so sick of carbs! I need something else now. I just have to pray my body can handle something like meat.

And I found the suits I want. Hubby is planning to make me a 2 piece- oh boy! I am saving to have 2 suits made professionally, but we'll see.

I love love love that color. I am so excited. lol I have.... well just look at the ticker. I am gonna be HOT-AS-Hell by my birthday in January.

I can't wait to go to see Carla in Nov. Then I'll have a real taste of what the comps are all about. :)


Tina said...

:) I haven't read the blogs in so long...I am so sorry I have missed out on everything you have been going through!!! You are so right about Baby steps...and I remember way back maybe March or something...Tony asked Mark if I had a lot of trouble with Anxiety...and girl you remind me of me...I think because we see a goal, we know we can get there and we want it now!! Just one step at a time'll get's so exciting and you want to run to the finish...but the journey, it's the journey that you will cherish when you get to that finish line...enjoy the journey...don't always expect the answers now, let them unfold!!

You are well on your way....I'm so excited for you, and I love those suits...that is an awesome color for you :)

Health Girl said...

:D :D
Yep... we are definitely alike! I plan to enjoy the journey. Its sometimes hard for me to remember that, but I know that is where most of the reward is at. :)
I'm glad you think that the suit colors will look good. Even though I love pink I think it would look terrible with my hair and skin tone with the lights. I am soooooo pumped. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I found a new show.... right in my backyard almost! :) I think I might start a livejournal for my competition training journal so that my blog isn't so crazy.