Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh boy

I am hooked. Really hooked. I was always curious about the competitions. I even joked about competing when I was like 16 and my dad bought a bunch of weights and had books laying around the house. I had no idea what it was really about, I just thought it would be cool. So here I am. I have found the suits I love. (we'll see how things pan out by next year). I have been scouring the internet for information on posing and tanning and I even found a competition less than 30 minutes from me next year!!! I am even MORE excited. I still haven't had a real conversation with T. :( Dang he is hard to get in touch with. I went out looking for "the shoes". I almost bought a pair that would be too short- just to have them and play. I am nowhere near a comp figure, but I've been practicing what little I have learned as far as posing goes. I even went tanning today. LOL Not that one visit makes a difference...
I am going to try and hit arms tomorrow. How bad can that be, right? I *NEED* to workout. For my mental sanity.... I am feeling better. Still a little funky in my stomach, but I think I can do vitamins and whole foods tomorrow. I am still scared to do dairy and protein powder. :( Maybe I'll wait until Monday for those. Veggies and meats and soup and fruits for now.

Off to bed now. :)

OH! PS--> I have a livejournal account set up now for a day by day journal instead of taking up my blog with moodiness or what I ate, etc.

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