Saturday, September 6, 2008

I have a date. Its pretty far off- over a year away, but its one date.... lol

OCTOBER 31st-NOV2 FAME North American Championships
I will be entering in the Fitness Model Category and possibly Bikini.... omg!!!

APRIL!!!! They posted the dates!! Miami Florida!!

I want to do something earlier than that. Its so far away... FAME does have other shows throughout the year, so I will have to pick once dates get announced. I'm thinking April or May will be good. There are shows in Boston and Charlotte...

At least I have narrowed down the organization for now. :D

OMG I am SOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news-- WTH Tracker???? How can you go down today? How am I supposed to know how Tara is doing????
Anyone know?? Please tell me!


Tina said...

Ahhh, now you brought tears to my eyes!! I'm so excited for you!! And Tara apparently made last call outs apparently she came in too lean, but she is happy with her physique!! That's one thing about this sport...there are no have to be happy with you and what you bring, cause those judges don't know what they want :) Tara is what I see as the ultimate figure girl physique...and she has it all she is such a sweet heart and motivator...she doesn't need a trophy or a pro card to be a pro, she already is one!!

I'm excited for you! Keep working toward getting that mind on track once it is, once it knows and will be on fire!!

Tina said...

This link should bring you to her pictures!!

Health Girl said...

Thanks for the update Tina! Wow. Tara looked Phenomenal!! I'm so glad she is happy with her physique. I looked at the top placers and they look a lot softer than Tara. I like her look better, but what do I know? lol She has great symmetry... I so want her to get her card! I don't know her well, but she is always so sweet to everyone.
That's the one thing that does make me nervous about competing... its all kinda gray. Sure there are some qualifiers, but mostly it seems like what the judges whims are... What organization was this?

April said...

Woo Woo! This is awesome! I'm excited for you too :) We'll have to see who else we can recruit yeehaw!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy and excited for you!!! How great!!!

Bernee said...

I attended The FAME show this year in Miami. It was a great show, really, really large and extremely organized. You will enjoy it! Good luck!

Health Girl said...

YAY!! Thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement friends! :D

I'm really excited, but nervous as heck. lol We're talking really pushing outside my comfort zone... I don't even like to exercise in front of anyone! lol
Thanks again!