Sunday, September 28, 2008

Funky Town

Ah yes, the days before Flo I get to visit Funky Town. I am trying so hard to not take things personally or be over emotional. I *thought* I was doing okay. Guess not so much.

I am feeling pretty alienated by everyone and everything. I don't feel like I am connected. I get all paranoid about stupid stuff. I wonder if everyone I know thinks I am crazy or stupid or if they are made at me. I start feeling like nobody likes me. *ugh* I hate when I get like this. Its annoying.

I am getting frustrated with Tony. I know he's busy. I know I need to be more proactive. I don't want to air this out here really. I am just venting. I know some of it is Funky Town, but some of it I need to deal with.

I have a doctor's appointment on Friday. I think I may go on a different pill. I am feeling way too crazy-like these last 6 months or so. *sigh*

Tomorrow is a new day. I am beginning strong and clean. I am bustin' it out til the end of the year. Planned cheats are Halloween (our anniversary), Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve. I have to be on my game 100% from here on out. I have 6 months before the Lakewood comp and I have about 60lbs to drop... Gotta get used to some intense EMC...

****EDITED TO SAY******

Leaving FUNKY TOWN soon. lol I have my gameplan for tomorrow set up on my livejournal. See the link ----> Healthgirl 101
I'll be writing on a more daily basis there. Feel free to stop by and comment.


Tina said...

Wow, I hope you are feeling better...I hate TOM!!! You can message me anytime, if I am sleeping or busy I'll get back to you...but don't hesitate to try and reach me. I just realized when you left me that comment last night that I never changed my blackberry message status...oops...

I think I understand a lot of what you are feeling about being alone...Tony told me to blog about this a long time ago, and maybe if I have time I'll try and do it today...

As far as being frustrated with Tony...I'm chuckling, cause sometimes I think he is silent cause he is giving us time to find our own way...not that he is busy at all :) It's kind of like he lays the foundation, he's there to pick us up and motivate us, but at times he lets the foundation do it's least that is what I think when he doesn't get back to me ;) He is sneaky, so watch for that and don't miss a chance to learn from it...

As far as the workout partner...ah I'll blog later, probably on my Dreambodies Diva Blog!

Talk to you later, and I'm off until Tuesday night so if you need to talk, just message me :) Have to check out the live journal :)

Britishlady said...

Hey girlie!
Ah...aunt flo! Sucks doesn't it? I find that I usually feel better after a good cardio session..not necessarily the boring treadmill, more like a pumped spinning class.

By the are you feeling otherwise? Is your stomach feeling better.

As for the T-man..he is super, super busy..honestly the busiest person I have ever met. But don't worry I'm sure he'll get back to you soon. Until then...vent to us whenever you need to :)