Friday, September 19, 2008


Today I physically said "Enough!" I said it aloud. Enough whining and feeling miserable. Enough excuses. I called off this morning because I felt so terrible. I drank two big cups of hot water with LOTS of ACV and went back to bed. I got up to pee and nibble some crackers, slept some more... Then, I just got up. I got up, took my shower and went off to pamper myself. Got my nails and toes done. Then I worked out. I *NEEDED* to work out. I was feeling so sloth-like. Oh- and I have a sinus infection and have been draining large amounts of mucus into my stomach. THAT is what is making my stomach nasty. *SO gross!* I see a Neti Pot in my future. I can't let this kind of crap get to me. I have a lot of hard work to do before my next foot appointment. I'm still thinking January is the better choice for my foot surgery. It gives me more time to save some $$. I just won't be able to compete in the KY Muscle in March. :( One step at a time I guess.

No more being a baby. I'm not going to make it anywhere by being a baby. Time to press onward! Strong sexy body, here I come!