Monday, September 15, 2008


Dear Body,
Please get it together!
Stomach- you can stop being so fussy. Deal with the protein already! And intenstines.... there's no need to be angry either. Fat stores, I appreciate the warmth you have attempted to give me over the years, but I am releasing you now. Muscles, keep burning up the energy. I'm sure the fat would love to be put to good use. Oh, and Head, if you would kindly stop hurting, I would be very appreciative. The liver has informed me that it is none-to-pleased with the idea of lots of painkillers being downed. Nevermind that stomach is being fussy.
So, let's get it together already!

Love, Me

Oy. I was SOOO sick yesterday and today. Yesterday afternoon I started feeling terrible! I spent much of the afternoon evening in bed or in the bathroom. :( Today I managed to nibble vanilla wafers and sprite. :( I got some beef/veggie soup down tonight. I am hoping a good night's rest will be all I need. I am seriously getting frustrated with this random stomach issue. My head has been hurting a lot too. :/ Why can't my body just work already? I want to lift and lift heavy and hard. I want to run- fast and free. I am tired of feeling so cumbersome and restricted. I am trying to mold my body and work it into the best shape and condition it can be in. Why must it fight me?
Tomorrow is a new day. I am going to rock it tomorrow. I have long crazy day at work, but I'm determined. I found some pics of suit ideas.... oh boy! I have in my head what I want. I might just get crazy this weekend and look at fabrics! I WANT this!

In other news- I am going to Carla's show Nov 7th & 8th!

I love the blue color...

I love the style and cool stripey look for this one. The purple is pretty cool, too... I just like blue more!

And can I have these legs!?! WOWSERS! I can only imagine the pain I would endure for her legs and aZz!


Anonymous said...

Love the stripey look on the suit, and they are all pretty! LOVE that girls legs too. They aren't HUGE and they are shaped just the way I'd like my legs to look too!

Sending you ~~~healthy~~~ vibes to your body to cooperate and listen to you! I KNOW what you mean about your body not listening. I've been going through crap with mine too.

Melissa H said...

Ahh, crap with your body. Just wrote a post about mine needing a tune-up. :-p Hang in there, girl! Do what you can do. This is a marathon, not a sprint. :-)

Health Girl said...

Thanks friends! Tummy still being dumb. :/ Just trying to stay on track as much as possible.

Hoping you ladies are feeling better soon, too!

And thanks Melissa for being my first follower! :D