Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh Yeah!

Gotta love the T-man! We had a good talk yesterday. It wasn't earth-shattering, but I feel SO much better. I told him about the comp date and he was so excited. :D We have some goals set for now up until my anniversary. I won't make my original goal, but he said I'll surpass that goal in no time. I have to go buy a "cheap" outfit today that is 2 sizes smaller than I am now. He said not to make it expensive because I won't be wearing it long! :D Woooo hooooo! I had lots of cardio yesterday and I think my body is finally responding. I am into the 170's now!!! I'm not too far in, but enough to make me happy. Its just another boost. We switched my off day from Sunday to Friday since Fridays are crazy for me anyway. I wasn't doing my workouts on Friday to my best ability. I was exhausted and rushed for time, so we'll see how this works. I also got my order of MetRx Protein Plus. I have a bunch of powders that I have tried. I think I may just keep the Beverly UMP and use this MetRx. I had the BSN Lean Dessert and Allmax's IsoFemme. Both are okay. We have Muscle Milk in the house too, but that is hubby's favorite. Oh, I am also allowed to use more veggie burgers if I want instead of so much darn chicken. LOL Its the little things I tell ya!
I have also been strongly encouraged to get a treadmill instead of getting a membership to the Rec Center. Guess ebay and craig's list will be my new favorite sites.

I think I have rambled enough. Hitting upper body CRIT today. Hour of walk/jog on hills tonight. Getting all my water in today and buying my next goal outfit.

OH! And T called my work bosses Savages! HAHAHAHA :D Here's my song for them (and any haters I may encounter in life)


Anonymous said...

SO glad you talked to Tony and are feeling good about things. He just makes you feel like you CAN and WILL do it. Sounds like some good goals to work on!

Health Girl said...

You are so right. Tony does have that way of making things seem possible. :)