Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today's Realizations

I went for a morning interval session. Its such a beautiful day. :) I went to the park instead of just going around the neighborhood. It was a good change up. It was not too busy at the park and that was a nice thing, too. As I was going along doing my intervals I listened to the blogtalk podcast on stepping out of the shadows. Listening to Tony in the morning during workouts helps push me a little further, even though he isn't saying anything to me directly. Going in the opposite direction of me at one point, was an older gentleman. He clearly had been losing weight. Perhaps post-heart attack? I used to see a lot of guys like him at the YMCA. Anyway, this gentleman was doing a strange hop stride. As I got closer I realized that he couldn't run but he was doing his darndest to make sure he was walking/hopping along at his fastest pace. He was sweet, said hi, smiled really big and waved. I returned the gestures and began thinking. This guy was out here in the park, doing what he *COULD* do. He didn't make excuses that since he couldn't run.... blah, blah, blah. So, neither will I make excuses. If I can't run, I can walk. If I can't walk, I can do something else. There is always a way. I saw the gentleman again on my return route. He smiled really big again with his eyes twinkling and he said "Have a great rest of the day." I said "You, too." Thank you sir, I will. :D I will have a great rest of the day. :)

Just when you thought that was it... lol
I realized that I always stop short. If I am pushing myself to run until the tree, I slow down as I reach the tree. WTH? WHY do I do that? I realized I do it every stinkin' time! As soon as I realized it this morning I made myself push harder to get to the landmark or goal line I set. But this is a serious realization! I do this in almost EVERY aspect of my life! I never PUSH myself over the line. I give up and walk or go really slow instead of PUSHING HARD and going over the goal. I think maybe its from a fear of failure. If its obvious I gave up, then I didn't fail based on my ability, I gave up. That's the only thing that makes sense to me as to WHY. Of course, if I give up all the time, that still makes me a failure! *DOH!* Where the heck has my head been??? Apparently up the arse for quite some time! This has all been very subconscious.
This quote is so... real for me right now....

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."
--Thomas Edison

Wow. I have some serious reflection to do this weekend.

Other realizations so NOT earth shattering- (mostly just for myself to note/journal)

*Use your inhaler, dummy!
*Bring tissues when its HIGH pollen
*Download more podcasts


Melissa H said...

You actually made me tear up with the story of the man.

No more slowing down as you approach the tree! Speed UP when you want to slow down. You will love the rush that you get!!! (I do it every time I go out for a long run).

You are kicking some serious mental butt!! :-)

April said...

Dang, talk about motivation. Give it all you got everytime because God made you who you are so use it well!

Angela will be updating for me :)

Health Girl said...

Melissa- that little old man made me tear up! :) I am trying really hard to keep PUSHING when I see the end in sight. Its really a hard habit to break!

Ape- SOOOO happy you had fun this weekend. :) You looked great! Yep- I need to start giving it all I've got. Issue is that I doubt how much I have to give!