Saturday, January 31, 2009

Allergy Plan for February

1. Use Air Cleaner
2. Use Neti Pot- daily AM
3. Use Breathe Right strips PM
4. Vaccuum/ Sweep floors at least 3x week
5. Dust 2x week
6. Brush cats weekly
7. Drink 2TBSP ACV with warm water before bed.
8. Practice Yoga 1x week

Eliminate clutter in the house permanently.

I am going to try eliminating all obvious sources of dairy by the 2nd week of the month. I have some yogurt and cottage cheese to finish up. I needed the yogurt with the last round of antibiotics. If there is no change, I will stop the protein powder for a week and go with whole foods only. If there is still no change then I will add the protein powder back.

Doing all of this should help my asthma tremendously. I had no idea my breathing was this sucky until the bronchitis hit me.

Learning more every day!


Chris said...

Hey there. I was just reading your post here on your allergies....and that you use a neti pot in the AM. I had some major sinus issues for months until my chiropractor recommended this and I've never stopped. Take a bottle of nasal spray and empty it. Fill it with water and add about 5 or so drops of tea tree oil. Use it as you would a neti pot...and it absolutely cleans you out. It's very strong. And the first time you do it isn't pleasant, but you get use to it. The tea tree oil kills all the toxins in there. Just an idea...