Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I've gotten away from Fitday in the last week. I guess I felt like everything else was off schedule and why bother? Plenty of reasons to bother, but that is behind me. Today is in the present moment. I know what I need to do today. I have goals and dreams for tomorrow and sure there is planning and structure needed to reach those goals, but I am focusing on what I can do today. The more I worry about the future, the worse I feel. My chest starts hurting, I can't breathe, I feel anxious and depressed. The worst part? I STILL don't get anything accomplished with the worrying. *DUH* SO... I am focusing on today, today.

I am going back to writing everything down that I eat and do. Times and everything. I am going to pay attention to my mood, hormonal cycles, etc. I have to get this Insulin Resistance and Asthma under control. I'd like to not be IR at all anymore. Until I get back to at least the 140's-150's that is unlikely. My goal from here is to be healthy first, hot second. I'd love to be able to wear a bikini this summer and feel good it in. So that is my mini goal for now. If things progress sooner- awesome! If not, well I am doing what I can. I am done with excuses and whining and feeling sorry for myself. I am awesome. I can do this. Just because things aren't going MY way, doesn't mean I stop doing things the right way. My body needed this break and that is okay. I am okay. Everything is okay. Its now time to get back to changing my body's chemistry again so that I can one day post on this blog that I am no longer Insulin Resistant.

And for anyone needing a kick in the pants... Check out THIS ! I think Evelyne and Tea have already linked to it. I love it. Some days, when I was feeling at the top of my game I felt this way when people at work whined. Well, this is the perfect kick to get me amped up. I'm working out today. Even if I can only do baby weights. I am getting back my life.


mikeyrosie000 said...

Lovethe article, makes me feel like I didn't push hard enough today...good thing I still have cardio to redeem myself tonight...LOL

And Yes you will do this!!! everyone has set backs it's whether or not you choose to let them stand in your way or bust through them....You are STRONG!!! Bust through them!!

Tracy said...

Thanks for the link, that article rocks!! It says it just the way it is!

And hugs to you! Cause you can do this!

Conni said...

LOVE the article! Thanks!!!!

You WILL get through this rough time. I too log everything I eat & do. I JUST started doing this about 2 weeks helps!

GOOD LUCK to you