Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So I decided to go back to using Fitday. I know I do so much better keeping solid track of things. Thanks Tracy for bringing it up. :) I am having issues getting my Blackberry to work on the site right, but I'll figure something out.

Today I got all my meals in. I had to have another snack- I am STARVING. Weird. I am just thinking its my metabolism. :) I missed the OR in my plan. *doh* Oh well. At least I didn't eat junk. I had an apple and it was like HEAVEN. I LOVE my Gala apples. I feel good and so proud I managed to get all my darn meals in! Woooo!

The District Manager was in today. Kinda annoying having her around every moment, but it was ok. She apparently had some positive things to say about me (which surprised me). The boss won't say what though. He's too busy to talk. *sigh* Whatever. I'll get the scoop from someone else eventually.

Anyway... here is my nutrient breakdown for today. The apple definitely threw the carb numbers up higher, but I think the cals may still be low. Hmmmm... even with the extra snack? Not sure. According to Fitday I burn over 3,000.... In my brain eating over 1000 calories is major. I was on a restricted diet once from an MD that was 1,000 calories and the number has stuck with me since then. It seems like 1400 isn't enough either though... now that I am lifting and working out so much. Hmmmm

Protein- 58% 200g
Fat- 26% 40g
Carbs- 16% 60g

I admit the fat number freaked me out, too. That's from the Natural PB I had with my delicious apple. I'm excited to record tomorrow's numbers. :)

Here's the link to my fitday journal if anyone wants it... Musicgirl


April said...

I'm eating 100g of fat a day. I admit it freaked me out too but the results are AWESOME :)

doidle said...

I love fitday. LOVE it. Thanks for the update!

Conni said...

I too just started back with fitday. I am taking in an average of 45 grams of fat.

Love your new attitude. You are doing AWESOME!

Tracy said...

I used Fitday a few times. I do better with something I can load right on my phone for instant access. But I think it is so much easier once it gets going.