Monday, January 19, 2009

Sleep Does A Body Good

I slept a huge amount of the day yesterday and I slept in today. I got as much sleep as I could. I felt off this morning, but I feel a lot better now. I'm still coughing up a lung now and then, but I am trying to take it easy. I took my supps today. I drank some ACV in hot water last night and more today. I think that may have helped knock some of the infection. I am going to do my workout tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. I will back off if need be. I should be able to do lower body without too much of an issue. Everything else we will play by ear. I have to be careful but I can't just be a bum. In a positive note- I lost 2 lbs since I took out the ring. Nothing else has changed. I am pretty happy about that. Maybe its the ring that was causing more issues after all.

I am off to bed. Sleep is a wonderous healer....


Anonymous said...

Yes, LOVE me some sleep. I really hope you find out what the problem is. I SO want you to feel better!