Saturday, January 24, 2009


I'm feeling a little better than last night. Thanks for the comments. (((HUGS)))

I cried a little, ate dinner, took my meds and put on some relaxing sleep music with rain. I really just wanted to hear the rain. It won't rain here probably for another couple of months and then it will be cold and gloomy. Like now, only with rain instead of snow. I find rain and storms to be soothing. I usually just want to lie down somewhere and close my eyes. Even during storms. Then I am usually wanting to take pictures too, lol.

I keep having anxiety about work. It really sucks. I'm trying to reprogram my brain and calm down, but its not working. My chest starts hurting and I realize its getting stupid. I wish my job didn't depend on numbers. :( I want to call off. I need to rest more. My chest is hurting- because I am freaking out, and my pills are finally at the point where they are messing up my digestive system. Yay. :( I hoped I might be able to miss out on that part, but I've had this medication before. I can't take time to heal because my numbers depend on me being there. *ugh*

I better go get ready for work. Oy.