Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hello Sickness....

Blah. I have been fighting this head cold that has been slowly creeping in. I am a full head of junk right now. My eyes are swollen and my ears hurt. yay. Just in time for my Team Meeting on Saturday. Seriously? I think all the stress from work and trying to workout hardcore is wearing my body down. I haven't gotten enough food in all week. It hasn't been terrible until yesterday. I am trying not to feel defeated, but today I don't have the extra. I think I need the rest. Hopefully I won't get worse and I can workout tonight. After all the nonsense they dropped at work today and the rest they are dropping on Friday... This job is dumb. Its really stressing me out. I'm trying to do "The Secret" thing and put positive out there, but its so hard. I am feeling alone in this struggle. The DH is seriously not seeing how miserable I am. Doesn't matter how much I tell him. I am exhausted. I'm going back to bed now. I'll get up and try to have a more positive attitude. I am a fighter.


mikeyrosie000 said...

Hillary you will push through this! You are a powerful,determined and wonderful girl! There is no dought in my mind that you are going to push through all this negative and find that very positive place!
I always have an open ear if you need to's nice to have someone you dont know too well to spill all your crap too..that way they really can't judge you too

Feel better soon and pound back the green tea and vitamin C

Marissa said...

Hey Girl,

Yes, stay positive. I know it's hard when your down and you have negative all around you. But the best thing to do is show them! You keep going along and you will never look back with regret. Remember I am here for ya! I'm comin out your way end of Feb for Julie's posing clinc. I hope to see you there!!