Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby Its Cold Outside!

Its 5* F outside. Brrr.... Its also snowing... AGAIN. I guess that will teach us all to complain about the gray and non-snowy winters. lol One of these days I will get a webcam and vlog. Then I can show you all my pretty snow.

Today was a rough start, but I'm okay now. I'm working out tonight. I went back to bed and snuggled with the hubby. It was much needed.

I'm hoping my supplements get here soon. I'm guessing I won't see them until next week though. If I would have made it to the meeting I would have been just fine. I am out of UMP and have one more serving of MP. *gasp* I might have to suck it up and get some Muscle Milk. The hubby will definitely use it anyway. Its just not the same.

I have to go get bundled up now. I don't know how people live in Canada or Montana or Minnesota. WAY too cold for me! I saw a report for Minnesota that said -35 feel like -54. Excuse me??? Nothing FEELS like -54! LOL It just feels like death! Things are breaking off your body at that point!


Tracy said...

I feel ya! I lived in Cleveland (Lake County) for a little over a year. The lake effect snow is just not for me!

Marissa said...

You've got a heat wave! It's negative 4 here (temp) and with the wind chill negative 25!


mikeyrosie000 said...

Believe me you just get used to the cold, it doesn't even fizz on me anymore...-54 Bring it on...LOL

simpledaisy said...

I am NOT a fan of the cold!! It is super hard to stay motivated when it's so frigid outside!! Koudos to you!!!

Health Girl said...

Tracy- that's not far from me. I'm a little south now. :)

Marissa- I know! I've been thinking about you.

Mikey- YOU ARE CRAZY! lol

Daisy- yeah, it is hard. I'd rather just sleep for a few months when its this cold. lol

Conni said...

flippin cold & snowy here in the not so wonderful state of Illinois 9* & 6 more inches of snow.

Tomorrow it is to be -30 with the wind chill.....>YUCK!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, here in Buffalo, it's not much better. I'm NOT likin' it either.